Why our Bio Ink?

Gelatin methacryoyl (GelMA) is one of the most popular choices for bioprinting research for good reason. Its versatility across many applications makes it a master-of-all-trades bioink that exceeds expectations in many aspects of research. The GelMA Company creates sophisticated GelMA materials designed for innovators, scientists and researchers. Our GelMA arrives synthesized and is ready to print once your desired photoinitator is added. The GelMA Company guarantees purity in every batch; there’s no question The GelMA Company provides the highest quality GelMA in the industry.

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  • Every batch is guaranteed to be high quality and pure
  • 100% sterile, 100% of the time
  • Each order is guaranteed to be consistent with the last
  • It’s fairly traded by an ethical company
  • Ready-to-print bioink, just add your photoinitator
  • Customizable mechanical properties
  • Compatible with a variety of UV and visible light receptive photoinitators
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