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The GelMA Company isn’t just a Biotechnology Company :
We’re a community.

Why Become an Ambassador?

We are looking for GelMa ambassadors; scientists who not only use hydrogels, but share our belief that gelMA hydrogels are the future of 3D-bioprinting and medicine. We are passionate about making gelMA accessible to researchers everywhere, so that more ground-breaking research can be done in the biotechnological field. We also strive to be thought leaders in the gelMa community, and pioneer new techniques and methods of utilizing gelMA. If you are passionate about gelMA and shaping the future of hydrogel and bioink research, please join us by becoming a GelMA Ambassador.

Interested in Becoming a GelMA Ambassador?

Benefits of being a GelMA Ambassador include earning points whenever you make a purchase or refer-a-friend. These points can be redeemed for OkaGel and other products. You and your research will also have a chance to be featured across all of our social media accounts and in our webinar sessions. You’ll also receive a monthly newsletter with recent news about the gelMA scientific community. Most importantly, you’ll be a part of a community that’s shaping the gelMA scientific landscape and working to make gelMA more accessible for researchers everywhere.

Ready to Become a GelMA Ambassador?

Please fill out the sign up sheet below to apply to be a GelMa Ambassador.
* Please note, only one GelMa Ambassador is allowed per research laboratory *

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