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Okagel is a sterile Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA) hydrogel product. We offer Okagel in both ready-to-use liquid form and powder form. Both forms are suitable for long-term storage. Okagel has a high degree of cell viability and a relatively low rate of degradation compared to other commercial GelMA products. It arrives at your door ready to use for all your research and 3D bioprinting needs.

Okagel is compatible with a variety of photoinitiators. We recommend using the complimentary Irgacure photoinitiator that comes with every purchase of Okagel. Make sure to fully dissolve the photoinitiator with the liquid GelMA before attempting to crosslink. Once the Irgacure is fully dissolved take care not to allow unwanted light exposure to the Okagel. To retain cell viability, exposure times of <3 minutes with UV light wavelengths above 400 nm should be used.

Okagel is temperature sensitive and forms a solid gel at room temperature (approximately 22℃). At temperatures above 37℃ the viscosity of Okagel is much lower and the material acts as a liquid. The gelation and viscosity of uncrosslinked Okagel may be freely manipulated within the temperature range of 1℃ to 60℃.

We recommend Okagel be stored in an opaque waterproof container. Okagel should be kept in cold storage under -20℃ and away from direct contact with light. Please note that it is recommended that after the product is prepared with the accompanying photo crosslinker it should be used within 24 hours to ensure completely reproducible physical characteristics.

Our new and innovative method for manufacturing GelMA allows us to produce sterile batches. Each step is conducted in a controlled environment and all reagents are either chemically sterilized or autoclaved. Every single batch of our Okagel products is tested to ensure sterility.


Okagel along with many other Gelatin-based hydrogels are not known to pose any direct hazards or health risks. GelMA Biotechnologies Ltd. recommends standard laboratory safety precautions be taken into consideration when working with Okagel hydrogels. Direct physical contact with products should be avoided. When working with the solid form of Okagel it is recommended that precautions be taken to prevent the inhalation of dust particulates.

Okagel exhibits the capacity to promote the growth of a wide variety of cells at differing concentrations. Our tests show indications of cell viability from as little as 2.5% to concentrations close to 20%. When photocrosslinking Okagel we recommend concentrations of around 5% to generate stable cell scaffolding.

Okagel Solid

  • The stability of our solid form of Okagel is ideal for long-term storage when kept under recommended conditions.
  • Okagel solids are perfect for bulk storage. They take up far less valuable shelf space in cold chemical storage than Okagel liquid.
  • Okagel solids allow you to use the aqueous solvent of your choice when preparing your hydrogel.

Okagel Liquid

  • Liquid Okagel products come ready to use at the requested concentration.
  • Solid GelMA can take upwards of 2 days to fully dissolve! Use the prepared liquid Okagel to save valuable time and money.
  • By having pre-prepared liquid Okagel you can be certain that your batch of GelMA is sterile and consistent with previous batches.
  • All Okagel Liquids are prepared in a sterile phosphate buffer solution, you can be confident your hydrogel will retain a stable pH.
  • Liquid Okagel will be sent via cold shipping to ensure quality is maintained as you receive it.
  • Okagel liquid is ideal for time-sensitive research, and it retains a high degree of quality within 5 days of receipt.
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