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With many years of experience leading technical innovation to success, our leadership team guides and supports The GelMA Company to strive for innovation greatness in developing high quality and accessible bioprinting material

THE Founder

Mohamed Gamal Headshot

Dr. Mo Gamal, PhD CEO & Founder

Technology Inventor

Dr. Gamal has spent over a decade working in the pharmaceutical industry. He has worked for international brands such as GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis. Previous titles he has held include: community pharmacist, product specialist, and pharmaceutical trainer.
In 2012, he earned a Master’s Degree in Stem Cells and Regeneration. This was followed up with a PhD from the University of British Columbia in Biomedical/Medical Engineering in 2020.

Having devoted his entire career to biotechnology, he believes that gelMa bioinks and 3D-bioprinting are the future of medicine. A researcher himself, Dr. Gamal understands the challenges faced by his colleagues in the scientific community.

His own struggles as a PhD student compelled him to invent and patent a novel way to produce gelMA. As The GelMA Company CEO, he is committed to making gelMA the most accessible and versatile hydrogel in the world so that more groundbreaking research can take place in the field of biotechnology.


Hanna Girndt Headshot

Hanna Girndt

Scientific Writer and Liaison

Hanna is an engaging professional who strives to positively impact her work and her team. After obtaining an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from Queen’s University, Hanna spent her early career in public health where she supported laboratory work and data processing. Hanna joined The GelMA Company in 2020 and works closely with the company founders to develop scientific and industry-oriented company material.

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Asfa Nazir

Scientific Writer and Liaison

Asfa is a second Year student at the University of Saskatchewan obtaining a Bachelor’s of Science in Biomedical Sciences

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I survived Covid!

Heba Medan Headshot

Heba Medan

Scientific Liaison

Heba is an Endodontist who is eager to improve her patients’ dental care. She joined The GelMA Company in 2019 and works to develop technical aspects of the company’s strategy, as well as to discover and implement new technologies.

Eva Fleming Headshot

Eva Fleming

Scientific Writer and Liaison

Eva is currently in her 3rd year at the University of Alberta taking a Bachelor’s of Science, and aids The GelMA Company with various projects.

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Daria Margarit Headshot

Daria Margarit

Web Designer

Daria is in her 3rd year in double degree at the University of Waterloo for Mathematics and at Business at the University of Wilfrid Laurier. She is eager to start her career in product design and is always eager to take on new projects in order to enhance her portfolio, skills and experiences !

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I can speak 4 languages!

The team is always expanding, reach out if you're interested!

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