Who we are

We are a diverse group of fearless individuals who each bring something special to the team. Together, we bring new perspectives, ideas and expertise to every challenge we solve.

What We Do

We are here to revolutionize the biomaterials market through producing GelMA hydrogels for every application in the ever-expanding bioprinting and microfluidics industries.

Why choose The GelMA Company

GelMA is a popular hydrogel used for bioprinting applications because of its mechanical properties and ease of printability. GelMA is light curable using either UV or visible light depending on your research goals. The degree of solidification is highly tuneable based on light exposure time. GelMA’s gelatin protein structure allows for high biocompatibility, making it an excellent material for research of implantable devices. When printing needs to be seamless, mechanical properties need to be adjustable and biodegradation is key to success, GelMA should be your first choice