Why GelMA

GelMA is a versatile bioink with a track record of bioprinting success, with use in many ground-breaking biomedical engineering and tissue regeneration research projects. It is a gelatin-based hydrogel substituted with methacryoyl groups which crosslink in the presence of various wavelengths of light when a photoinitiator is added.

GelMA is the bioink of choice for bioprinting and tissue engineering applications because of its highly desirable physical properties. Because GelMA is derived from gelatin, a naturally occurring protein in mammals, including humans, it is highly biocompatible and greatly reduces chance of biological rejection.

Similarly, GelMA is actively biodegraded once transplanted, and is replaced by the natural extracellular matrix. When used in biological applications, GelMA grafts will not fall off, they naturally integrate into the host; there is potential this material can replace skin grafting.

The incredible tunability of GelMA allows for highly customized degrees of methacrylation. It can be as fluid or as viscous as desired and still perform with a high degree of functionality. This makes it the right bioink for many different applications.

Whether you research large-scale bioprinting, microfluidics, or anything in between, GelMA is the right bioink for you.