Eosin Y Solution Use Protocol

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Eosin Y (EY) is a photosensitizer with a peak absorbance of 510nm, but reacts with bright white light when used in conjunction with triethanolamine (TEA) and 1-vinyl-2 pyrrolidinone (NVP), which allow successful crosslink initiation using visible light instead of UV light.

Included in this Kit:

– Okagel liquid at the required concentration

– 2 mM eosin Y disodium salt

– 20% w/v triethanolamine (TEA)

– 35uM 1-vinyl-2 pyrrolidinone (NVP)


1. Add 10ul of each of the 3 provided stock solutions per 1 ml of Okagel solution

2. Mix well and use immediately.

Note: the added volumes of the stock solutions can be changed according to your own application.